Award Categories

The following are the award categories for hospitals.

1) Secondary Services Hospital:

A secondary care level hospital is one that does not specialize in treating a specific ailment, but provides all essential and even some desirable services. Its objective is to provide comprehensive secondary health care services to the people in the district at an acceptable level of quality and being responsive and sensitive to the needs of people and referring centers. It provides about 85 - 90% of medical needs of the patients. However, for serious illnesses, the patients are referred to tertiary hospitals.

This segment is further divided into 2 categories:

  • District Hospitals - all Government run hospitals at the district level (will cover Grade I, Grade II & Grade III)
  • General Hospitals - all privately run secondary hospitals

2) Tertiary care Hospital:

The tertiary level is a more specialized level than general services and requires specific facilities and attention of highly specialized health workers. Specialized consultative care is offered by specialists, usually on referral from primary or general services facilities. These institutions have trained medical professional and facilities for special investigation and treatment- This care is provided by the Private, regional or central level institutions, e.g. Medical College Hospitals, All India Institutes, Regional Hospitals, Specialized Hospitals, Corporate chains and other Apex institutions. The study will consider following types of tertiary hospitals

  • Multi-specialty hospitals:These are institutions that offer comprehensive treatment across a wide array of specialties, and are centers of excellence for in-patient surgical procedures.
  • Single Specialty Hospitals*: These are tertiary care institutions that are centers of excellence in a focused single discipline. They may or may not offer care across more than one discipline, however a majority of their patients seek treatment for their core specialty.

    Single Specialty Categories:

    Single Specialty Cardiology
    Gastroenterology & Hepatology
    Nephrology & Urology
    Pediatrics / Neonatology
    Obstetrics & Gynecology
    Endocrinology & Diabetology
    Mental Health & Psychiatry

    *NOTE: Single specialty hospitals will not include multi specialty hospitals that are renowned for 1 specialized department. For a particular specialty, the hospital must conduct both - medical as well as surgical procedures.

  • Hospitals with medical colleges: These can be either single specialty or multi - specialty hospitals & should have tie up with Medical colleges i.e. impart education, carry out & publish research.

Awards in Each Category

The finalists from the third phase will then be evaluated by an eminent Jury appointed by CNBC TV18 to determine the best hospitals in the country.

Below is a categorical split of the awards to be presented this year.

Category Awards
Single Specialty 11 awards (1 for each specialty)
Multi Specialty 3 ( 1-Mega polis ,1-Metro, 1-non-metro)
Hospitals with medical college 3 ( 1-Mega polis ,1-Metro, 1-non-metro)
Secondary Hospitals - District Hospitals 3 (1 Grade I, 1 Grade II, 1 Grade III)
Secondary Hospitals - General Hospitals 1
Total 21

(No. of awards to be given can be changed as per CNBC-TV18 discretion)